Crest of The Horizon


I was sorta wonderin if you had any plans
I mean, what is to become of anything it's in your hands.
Sometimes what you seem to say rings a little false.
Maybe I don't understand what you're tryin' to say at all.
Still I'd like to stay with you and wait to see the sun.
So like a gambler for my guide
Will you sit here by my side tonight and ride
An arrow to the sun,
crest of the horizon.

Itís hard to know if whatís been goiní on has any end.
Just like itís hard to tell which way the leaves will blow before the wind.
But does any of this affect you,
Do you ever notice pain?
Do you blind yourself with pleasure?
Are you mercilessly sane?
An would it matter much to you if nothingís ever done.
Except to get away and fly
Get off the ground, get untied and ride
An arrow to the sun
Crest of the horizon.

I donít know a thing youíre thinkiní and Iíve never heard your voice.
And Iím mad and kinda scared at being forced to make a choice.
Iím not lookiní for an out just discovering whatís the catch.
But my time is burning swiftly like a quickly burning match.
And Iím not sure if you can help me but you may just be the one.
Though itís got me mystified,
We can still outrun the tide outside and ride
An arrow to the sun
Crest of the horizon.
To the crest of the horizon.

©1980 Rich Brotman

Vocals: T. Therese Byrne
Acoustic Guitars: Rich Brotman, Sal DíAngio
Acoustic Bass: David Hollander
Fretless Bass: Chris Law
Keyboards: Rich Brotman
Percussion: Matt Vorzimer
Guitars & Percussion recorded at Syntax Studios, Denver
Engineer: Ruben Maldonado
Acoustic Bass recorded at Rear Window, Brookline, MA
Engineer: Andy Edelstein
Vocals & Keyboards recorded in New York by Rich Brotman
Vocal Processing by Harry Douglas, Magnetic Image Video, NYC
Sweetening & Mastering by Dave Huber, Hotwax Recording, NYC
Produced & Mixed by Rich Brotman