Hopeful Song


(This song was written to provide some kind of comfort
to those people who sustained a loss on September 11, 2001.)

How can this dawn keep from breaking,   
And retracing,      
The rest of the day that I’m facing?    
Our morning of promise,     
Burns my evening with pain.   
These eyes not believing,     
That when you were leaving, I’d not see you again.

We’re walking,
Why is it you with who I’m talking?
Our fate in this place smoke is masking.
I feel like I know you
Since there’s no place to hide,
Will you fade to the floor or
Take hold of my hand and step into the sky.

What is expected, is worse than what’s known,
Tomorrow‘s not a given, only sand remains of stone.
Feeling for a future, lost in the recent past,
My choice is to stand, or stand by and collapse.

In shadows of dreams that we’re keeping,
What’s left of a past that we’re leaving.
The Moon starts its rising,
To join the red glow of Mars,
Let my love be your bed, babe,
Just say goodnight to the unreachable stars.

©2003 R. Brotman, T. Byrne

T. Therese Byrne: Vocals
Rich Brotman: Piano
Recorded at Smash Studios, NYC
Audio Sweetening by Dave Huber,
Hot Wax Recording, NYC
Produced by Rich Brotman