Into The Wind


(This was written as the title theme song
for a movie we’re developing about the
adventures of three women motorcycle riders.)

It's not a hurt or a heartbreak
I'm trying to mend,
There's just this yearning to leave
this old home once again.
Like an angel who's flying
beyond redemption,
I ride on down the road
and into the wind.

With my conscience for baggage,
Stars for my guide,
I'm not waiting for someone
to stay by my side.
So you'll be hearing no lies
From this woman within,
As I ride on down the road
and into the wind.

Miles are falling,
Memories are calling,
The past only lasts ‘till today.
And these times that we share
On a whim and a dare,
Feel as free as an empty highway.

Goin' for broke
Not lookin' to win,
Don't know where I'm going
But I love where I've been.
'Cause I know when I stop
Death will find me a friend,
So I ride on down the road
and into the wind.

Where the dawn meets the night,
And the rain on my face
Clears the dust from my life.

Into the wind,
Where I’m freed from my sins,
As the preachers turn back
And religion begins.

Into the wind,
Where my wings can unfold,
And the secrets I hold
Pay their dues to my soul.
Oh, Angel, ride into the wind.

©2003 R. Brotman, T. Byrne

T. Therese Byrne: Vocals
Rich Brotman: Piano
Recorded at Smash Studios, NYC
Audio Sweetening by Dave Huber,
Hot Wax Recording, NYC
Produced by Rich Brotman