Love Don't Slip Away


The night unwinds
Like a strange religion,
Answers carved in stone.
With its sealed past,
The ďnowĒ unopened,
What can the future behold?
Oh, Love, donít slip away, now.

Do you feel,
The Great Resistance
Push into your soul?
And the battered latch,
At fears insistence,
Keeps the entrance closed.
Oh, Love, donít slip away, now.

A million years
of ancient wisdom
Walked right to my door.
And without a sigh
Your gentle singing
Brought me home from the war.
Love, donít slip away, now.
Oh my love, donít slip away, now.

© 1985 Rich Brotman

T. Therese Byrne: Vocals
Rich Brotman: Piano
Recorded at Smash Studios, NYC
Audio Sweetening by Dave Huber,
Hot Wax Recording, NYC
Produced by Rich Brotman