Waiting For Rain


Can I no longer open the door
In your eyes?
Is my reflection helpless to awaken
a smile?
The outsider
Beside her.
Will you no longer look past the walls
In your mind?
Just out of reach lay all of your joys
And sleep all of mine,
Not knowing,
It's showing.
We watch at the window,
Waiting for rain.

Have all the years brought nothing but age
To our lives?
Captured like sunset colors in dreams
Left behind.
All the aching
We're making.
Gone is the sunshine,
Waiting for rain.

©1985  R. Brotman

Vocals: T. Therese Byrne
Acoustic Guitars: Rich Brotman, Sal D’Angio
Acoustic Bass: David Hollander
Keyboards: Rich Brotman
Percussion: Matt Vorzimer
Guitars & Percussion recorded at Syntax Studios, Denver
Engineer: Ruben Maldonado
Acoustic Bass recorded at Rear Window, Brookline, MA
Engineer: Andy Edelstein
Vocals & Keyboards recorded in New York by Rich Brotman
Vocal Processing by Harry Douglas, Magnetic Image Video, NYC
Sweetening & Mastering by Dave Huber, Hotwax Recording, NYC
Produced & Mixed by Rich Brotman